Day 1:

Soray Pampa Refuge (3,900m)

At the feet of the high mountains is Soray Pampa, the starting point for the trek, a 3 hour car ride from Cusco. The Refuge sits among the trees and offers great views of Mount Salkantay and Humantay. With comfy beds and even wifi internet, we will be sure to rest well for the days ahead.


Day 2: Palqaycasa (4,200m)

Nestled at the very foot of Salkantay in the high Ahobamba valley is Doña Lucillas rustic home of rock and thatch. Here we have a dining cabin and will camp out among a spectacular ring of snow covered peaks.


Day 3: The Ahobamba House (3,500m)

At the upper end of the cloud forest biome our house is set among canyon walls and waterfalls. Many species of hummingbirds zip along through the ruins of an ancient Inca town located across the river. This place is a world all its own.


Day 4: The Cloud Forest House (2,100m)

Set among coffee and banana plantations, this is the perfect place to enjoy the warm weather after the mountains. The house is a botanical garden which attracts many birds, even the "Andean Cock of the Rock", the national bird of Peru.