Nathan Heald

My name is Nathan Heald. I am a licensed Tourism / Mountaineering Guide residing in Cusco, Peru.

I am from the United States, but have lived in Cusco since 2011 when I started a mountaineering agency for climbing the high peaks (+6,000 meters) here in the region. I am the only person to have climbed all 7 of the 6,000 meter peaks in the Cusco region, along with many first ascents and new routes on the principal mountains of Cusco. I am the only guide who climbs Salkantay to the summit with clients, which I have summited 4 times since 2013. Now my new Project is to climb the 10 highest mountains in all Peru, a feat which no one has done yet.

While exploring the route to climb Nevado Salkantay (6,279m) in 2011, I found the Ahobamba valley. A wild and secluded place, completely surrounded by high mountain peaks. The forces of nature and scenery in this valley are so stunning that it captivated me, and still does every time I go. Come with my team to discover this incredible place for yourself, by far the best route to Machu Picchu.


Kerly Salamanca de Heald

My joyful wife Kerly takes care of the logistics planning and operations for the trip.


Doña Lucilla & Edith

Doña Lucilla Vergara has lived in the Ahobamba valley all her life, cattle ranching and farming . She is the owner of a large portion of the valley with her daughter Edith. They take our supplies to the valley with their horses.


Edwin Espinoza,

Macario & Luis Crispin

Edwin is the owner of the Soray Pampa Refuge.

Macario and Luis are from the Ausangate area and are our main support staff. We have all stood on the summit of Salkantay.


Marco Jurado

IFMGA (UIAGM) certified mountain guide from Huancayo, Peru. Marco loves climbing and hiking in the Cusco region. I took this photo of him on the summit of Salkantay.